Google Stadia promised us a revolution in terms of gaming and streaming services that we could access from a multitude of devices and play with our friends and acquaintances from all over the world. Much like punters praised the Sportpesa bonus, fans lauded the launch of this revolution, but it did not go as smoothly as you would think. The aforementioned launch was on the rocks, to say the least, though there were people who were really impressed with the technology. So, is Google Stadia likely to succeed in winning over the gaming market?

The Advantages

Supposedly, you would be able to play games across multiple platforms and devices. The company promised streaming 4K games at 60fps, which could prove to be a real game-changer for gamers everywhere, whether they prefer playing on consoles, PCs, or even their mobile phones. Google also decided to provide game designers with its data center in order to develop games that would be suitable for this new system. To put it simply, Google is going to take care of a huge chunk of development issues that would normally cost an enormous amount of money, manpower, and other resources.    

There is also the learning AI that could bring a new level of challenge and excitement to the players. Consider the stage and the enemies that are changing in real-time according to your decisions and style of play. This is just one of many potential applications of the platform and could possibly put Google at the top of the gaming world.

The Flop

However, it’s not all gumdrops and amazing graphics. The service, launched in November 2019, provides players with a game that exists only in the cloud. This means that, if something goes wrong or Google simply decides to pull out of the project, we will be left without our games. Speaking of games, at the time of writing, there are 24 titles available, with many more announced.

Another issue people have with the service is the fact that some portions of the system are slightly ahead of its time. Specifically, we are referring to the gaming infrastructure. Streaming complex games on multiple devices across the globe in 4K requires internet speeds that many do not yet possess, and the stability is often an issue.

There is also Google’s track record in general that needs due consideration. We are aware of some of the greatest successes of the tech giant as well as some not-so-great projects. Granted, you cannot have a company that releases products without a dud here and there, and there is a possibility Stadia may be one of them. The hype surrounding the system and the launch that failed to meet the audience’s expectations may lead the company to completely shut down the project before it is able to reach its full potential.

The Verdict

Cards on the table: the launch of Google Stadia, while in line with other Google products and services, was awful. The expectations were not met and the resources needed to pull this off all over the world are not yet available. That being said, it is still a project that is beyond interesting and we expect that, with a little bit of ironing, we could be looking at the future of gaming. Google Stadia did not yet succeed, but it also has not failed.


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