The computers and smartphones we have today are far more powerful than the machines of the past. Concerning the fact that most trademarks for the best classic games have expired, this lets us play them for free right here on our browser or phone.

Hardcore sports and football fans won’t find many interesting titles in the sports section, as most of these titles are outdated. In some people’s opinion, handling bets online is a quicker and better option to have fun with football than reaching out for an old game.

As far as other types of games are concerned, this article will tell you more about some of the best classics you can play online.


Everyone knows Pac-Man! For anyone that hasn’t lived under a rock in the past half of the century, Pac-Man (originally Puckman, like a hockey puck) is a yellow circle that wanders a maze.

Your mission is to eat all pellets and avoid different ghosts in the maze. The ghosts are fairly easy to avoid until you reach higher levels where the bigger dot/pellet becomes really important. Eating the big pellet lets Pac-Man eat ghosts when they touch it, instead of losing its life.

Super Mario Bros.

This is yet another game everyone has heard of. Mario and his brother Luigi go on a quest to thwart King Bowser’s plans and rescue Princess Toadstool. If you, by some chance, have never had the opportunity to play this game, you should definitely try it out.

Older games are notoriously user-unfriendly and not so hard to master (back in the day, they were the only games and weren’t considered frustrating). Super Mario Bros. is a player-friendly game that gradually ramps the difficulty up.

Ultimate DOOM

For PC gamers, this game requires no introduction at all. Here’s a quick history lesson: Doom 1 was released in 1993 and Doom 2 was released in 1994. Ultimate Doom was released in 1995, and it’s the best and the most complete version of Doom 1 (the 1993 Doom 1 had only three episodes, and Ultimate Doom added the fourth).

Enough with the boring history lesson and let’s get to demon slaying! In this game, you control a lone Marine survivor that is stuck inside a base besieged by Hell’s demons. You’ll use a wide variety of weapons to banish the demons back to hell, including the cult-classic BFG9000.

Warcraft 2

Warcraft 2 is the second Warcraft game that depicts the long struggle between the Humans and the Orcs. Fans of the MMORPG will hear familiar names like Gul’dan, Draenor, Azeroth and Sargeras, as this is the game where the key events in Warcraft’s lore have happened.

Now, this game isn’t just for Warcraft lore buffs, it’s also a great and unique strategy game that will challenge you. Both the campaigns and their storylines are fantastic, and you can play as the straightforward Orcs or the techno-magically inclined Humans. The only downside is the old interface style, which you can disregard if you like the game enough.